Get your .arb as your web3 identity
Value Propositions
Weaving Things on Arbitrum
Scaling Web3 with L2
Wider Web3 adoption depends on frictionless user experience powered by Arbitrum’s next generation layer 2 technologies. “.arb” domain name will be one of the critical infrastructure that helps accelerate Arbitrum and its dApp eco-system.
A Human-Readable Name
The existing 40+ character chain address (e.g. 0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e534 15d37aa96045) is quite daunting, and often scares away new users. A human-readable “.arb” domain name makes your life much easier and helps onboard new users.
A User-Owned Identity
We all need a digital identity. While Web2 tech giants have provided some “convenient” solutions, the fundamental flaw is that all your identity data are controlled by them and only work in their “walled garden”. On the contrary, your “.arb” identity will be truly owned by you and is interoperable in Web3.
Transfer Crypto with Ease
Simply type “.arb” names to send and receive crypto, which is much easier and safer vs. complex cryptographic addresses.
Web3 Social
Your “.arb” identity automatically synchronizes across Web3 social platforms. No more hassle of managing various isolated Web2 social accounts.
Web3 Gaming
In Web3 gaming, your “.arb” identity helps you actually own your gaming data (e.g. your game character and the treasuries you found), in the form of on-chain NFTs and such, eliminating the risk that those hard-earned data get lost in hard drives or central servers.